• Artist: PRiZM
  • Release Date: Wednesday, 01 May 2013
  • Genre: Electro House
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PRiZM "Sex Drugs & EDM" (Addicted in Rehab Mix) is an Epic PRiZM banger. Its the track you drop to simply make the crowd go wild. Massive in you face Bass lines, Catchy Synth lines with progressive melodies. This is a track that will suck you in and elevate your mind and build into an extreme explosive climax that makes the whole crowd erupt. Simply Amazing production by yours truly. BOOM... PRiZM...






Trying to find some Easter eggs at the bottom of these RumRunners at Keylime. It’s a great way to end Easter Day. 😉…
Some people make me just Loose all my shit. WTAbsoluteFuck.. 😳🙌🏼



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