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    PRiZM Cranking out Jam after Jam. The ones that just rocked people around the world was the intension of this stellar producer and He did just that. His releases has had the electronic dance crowd on their toes jumping to every release. PRiZM cranking out massive bangers every time and his consistency is what makes this talented Artist so successful to the EDM scene. The vibrant energy found within his productions has opened his name to a diverse range of support within the electronica scene fans & supporters has heard his sounds and seen him share stages with about every Big name in EDM at some of the most world renowned events and venues such as Ultra, Space, and the world famous LimeLight just to name a few. Most artists have 'a sound' but PRiZM has proven to have many. This amazing producer and DJ with his immense talent, energetic spirit and a dedicated determination to succeed has kept him on a worldwide search for the ultimate in energy wherever his music is heard since the mid-1990s. Since then PRiZM has been in the spotlight and forefront of this exploding scene, and now as we enter a new era of electronic dance music, where only the most versatile Dj's and producers survive, we can bet PRiZM will be a respected leader as he takes EDM into the “Future". What a Ride!


    Prizm - The Mind Behind the Madness



    One of Florida ’s most requested and explosive electronic DJ and Live Performer. Recognized as a pioneer of quality electronic music, PRiZM is no ordinary DJ and Producer. He is one of the most celebrated and sought after members of this exploding EDM scene. His music can be heard on dance floors around the world and is featured on Playstaion, Xbox and other online games, MTV Real World, and Mix CD compilations by some of the other nations top DJ’s and producers like Christopher Lawrence, Keoki, Baby Ann, Rob-E, DJ Sandy and many more. He is featured in countless reviews in magazines such as URB , Mixer, BPM, and D'vox. PRiZM's live shows and DJ sets have drawn huge attendance and are known for filling the dance clubs across the country where he makes his appearances. This dynamic producer from South Florida has a unique and electrifying style of intelligent, progressive Nu-electro-House Dub and breaks that produces mind blowing live performances with a mix of stimulating video, visuals, and mind melting lasers.


    PRIZM have influenced the Florida dance scene as one of the originators while DJ'ing and producing for many years around the US and abroad, He has made a positive impact in the electronic dance music culture. This dynamic Producer first teamed up with Eclipse in 1994 after becoming resident DJ's at Palm Beach 's first after-hours club called " Moscow ". Then in 1996 they hosed their own weekly after-hours club called "Pure Energy", where some of their first live performances took place. In 1997 Prizm & Eclipse live shows took off, they began playing around the country while releasing several of their 12” Dance Records. Then round November of 1999 they released their full length album “Intelli-Funk” with great success . Prizm & Eclipse continues to perform live and headline some of the largest electronic music events like Cyber-Fest, Zeta-Fest, and many times gracing the stages of the world famous Ultra Music Festival along with many others across the United States and abroad.

    Production and Live Show Style

    His production style is very unique and diversified, with futuristic sounds and intelligent programming. Most of His songs incorporate original vocal hooks, melodic synths, dirty bass-lines, catchy leads, and progressive arrangement. Being on the forefront of the electronic dance movement , PRiZM is consistently working hard to progress his music to the next level. In order to stay away from the trend chasing sample based Florida style songs, PRiZM continues to pioneer new sounds and set new standards for production while simultaneously acquiring a large and loyal fan base.


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