Jun 08


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PRiZM - "Check This Out" is no doubt another power Breaks production form PRiZM. This Breakbeat banger is a track you definitely want to drop in your set and this new bangin track has the Drop that just makes people have to move. Prizm has done it again and with his new track Check This Out and he takes the energy up to another level.

May 10


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PRiZM - "Lets Go" is nothing less than that intense PRiZM Sound. PRiZM is back again with another massive Electro House track LETS GO. This track is packed full of BOOM for the pounding fist pumping epic drops this track has in store.

Sep 08


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PRiZM "Universal Connections, the basis of what keeps us United as One in music. PRiZM hand selected this massive set of intense tracks and remixed by PRiZM himself. With tracks from artist like Guetta, Deadmou5, Hard Rock Sofa, Fedde Le Grand, Krewella, Rihanna and more. This Mix is simply a EPIC banger one after another. PRiZM is definitely bringing his A game to this mix and the touches he put on these massive tracks has shown the people why he is charted as one of the best EDM DJs in the world. Just drop this mix and you will know for yourself without a doubt. Its all about Peace Love Unity Respect and "Universal Connections".


Jul 21


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PRiZM - "Bounce" is nothing less than that intense PRiZM Sound. This track has the melodic breaks and the insane drops that simply explode. Bounce was inspired by nothing less than being in the center of the crowd when the bass drops. PRiZM will definitely make everyone loose their mind with this intense peak time banger.

Oct 26


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PRiZM - "ONE HELL oF A MiX" a PeakTime Party RoCKin Mix hand selected by yours Truly PRiZM. Intense tracks to have one HELL of a party. Tracks from Avicci, Swanky Tunez, Afrojack, Guetta, Hard Rock Sofa and more! This Mix is gonna blow the house up. Crank it up and wake the Neighbors! BOOM... PRiZM...

Oct 31


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PRiZM - "A MIXED UP MIND" is a compilation of tracks mixed remixed and re-rubbed into a massive compilation of peak time party bangers compiled by PRiZM from the epic headlining set at Moonfest 2014. From the Intro to the last beat will have you hooked form the Mixed Up Mind of PRIZM... "A MIXED UP MIND".

May 18


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PRiZM has done it this time on this Banger! "TiME LiKE THiS" is a peak time Electro House Massive track with melodic melodies and simply sick drops that will get the place jumping. This track combining the melodic melodies like a smooth and content time during your life and then building into massive explosions like the unexpected times in life of pure chaos combined with that massive drop that just brings back that pure fist pumping party that you want to remember forever so the name just fit and it was a "TiME LiKE THiS".

Feb 13

Catch Your Breath

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PRiZM "Catch Your Breath" is an Epic PRiZM Power House Track. Its the track you drop to simply make the crowd get pumped up. With massive in you face Bass lines, Catchy Synth lines with power melodies. This is a track that will get your fist pumping and elevate your mind and builds into an explosive climax that makes the whole crowd erupt. Definitely one of the best productions to date by yours truly. BOOM... PRiZM.


I can truthfully say I have put every effort into Maschine MK3 from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS but it just does not play we… https://t.co/dH3kLnH2mN
I can truthfully say I have put every effort into Maschine MK3 from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS but it just does not play we… https://t.co/qTexzEp9PI



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