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  • PRIZM "Hmmm YEAH!"
    PRIZM "Hmmm YEAH!" is here and about to Unleash the Massive Sounds for 2012.
  • Millennium Recording Reorganization
    Millennium Reordings, the May 2011 Reorganization and The Epicenter is about to Erupt.
  • PRIZM & ECLIPSE The Sounds
    PRIZM & ECLIPSE The Sounds, The Lasers, The intense feeling during thier Live Performances.
dj prizm music electronic edm producer

Crowd Control

Controlling the Crowd! Making the house Jump is what we do.

Almost all Parties and big events have one thing in common people wanting to dance and party their ass off.

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dj prizm music electronic edm producer

Bad Ass Breaks

The Breaks Label previously "Bad Ass Shit Records" changing the game for electronic music.

Simply Bad Ass Breaks are what this label is all about. feel free to browse our library of hot tracks in the music store.

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dj prizm music electronic edm producer

Intelli-Funk Original

The First Prizm & Eclipse Album release check the Prizm Music store for all the classic trax!

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dj prizm music producer


PRiZM Producer Packs! are exactly that Packed full of Samples, Loops, Midi and Patches for some of the Hottest Audio Workstations and SoftSynths out like Massive and Sylenth just to name a few.

DJ PRiZM Producer Packs strive to be at the forfront of new EDM music production. The musical range spans many different styles / genres such as House, Electro, Minimal, Pop, Urban, Grime, Dubstep, Dnb, Jungle, Dub, Old Skool, 4x4, RnB, Hip Hop, Tech House, Deep House, Funky House, Progressive, Trance, Breaks, Classic House, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Dirty South and just that pounding Bass.

The main focus is to be pioneers and always provide the freshest and most innovative EDM sounds imaginable and giving producers the creative freedom to make cutting edge music with out the hassle of going through sample clearance departments to clear samples. Hope you like the packs. BOOM.. PRiZM...

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PRiZM the mind behind the sound!

He started out and had that sound that just inspired so many to dance their ass off...

PRiZM Cranking out Jam after Jam. The ones that just rocked people around the world was the intension of this stellar producer and He did just that. His releases has had the electronic dance crowd on their toes jumping to every release. PRiZM cranking out massive bangers every time and his consistency is what makes this talented Artist so successful to the EDM scene. DJ PRiZM EDM music Producer has vibrant energy found within his productions, has opened his name to a diverse range of support within the electronica scene; fans & supporters has heard his sounds and seen him share stages with about every Big name in EDM at some of the most world renowned events and venues such as Ultra, Space, and the world famous LimeLight just to name a few. Most artists have 'a sound' but PRiZM has proven to have many. This amazing producer and DJ with his immense talent, energetic spirit and a dedicated determination to succeed has kept him on a worldwide search for the ultimate in energy wherever his music is heard since the mid-1990s. Since then, PRiZM has been in the spotlight and forefront of this exploding scene, and now as we enter a new era of electronic dance music, where only the most versatile Dj's and producers survive, we can bet the EDM Producer DJ PRiZM will be a respected leader as he takes EDM into the “Future". What a Ride!


Millennium Recordings the label that's been Rocking for almost 2 Decades.

We started out to have a label that catered to a dedicated style of music and did just that! "DJ Eclipse"

Cranking out Jam after Jam. The ones that just rocked clubs, festivals and the EDM scene across the country and around the world. This was the intension of edm producer DJ PRiZM and this label and they did just that. Tracks releases for almost 17 years had the EDM crowd on their toes jumping to every release. Cranking out over 70 club bangers along with several other artist made this Florida based Label so successful to the EDM scene and we are still going strong...

Producer DJ PRiZM / EDM Music / DJ PRiZM Music For The Masses.


dj prizm music electronic edm producer

BOOM... Beatport Distribution.

Millennium is striving to have our dedicated EDM music everywhere you like to get your Music! "DJ PRiZM"

We are sending all the Millennium Recording releases directly to the Meca of all Electronic music download sites BEATPORT.COM and our Release schedule is insane... Whoop.. Time to Move the world One Beat at a time ... BOOM..  DJ PRiZM... Founded in 2004, Beatport is the largest music store for the almighty DJ in the world. Beatport offers music in premium digital formats and provides unique music discovery tools created for and by DJs. Each week, Beatport's music collection is refreshed with hundreds of exclusive tracks by the world's top dance music artists. Beatport is privately held and headquartered in Denver, USA and Berlin, Germany.

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Moonfest 2011 was insanely intense. "In Tension" was the song that we were actually crowd testing and it blew the block up. We had an awesome stage and lighting rig with lots of argon lasers, 20 foot Video screens with sick visuals to get the crowd hyped and Yea the crowd was super hyped up for it about 6 thousand Deep. This was an insane event. There is no way there could have fit another person within the conner of the intersection of clematis and dixie where the stage was placed for the festival. I actually think i felt the ground shaking. Soooooo Sick... Im gonna have a good time trying to top it for this upcoming year at Moonfest 2012. Double the Sound, Double the Lights, Double the Video. Starting to sound like a Double Mint gum commercial.. lol... PRiZM...


The DJ PRIZM Music Store has the complete library of DJ PRIZM tracks and other mind blowing artist on Millennium and Bad Ass Shit. Check for Free and Featured tracks Now...

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View all the Cool and exciting EDM Music Photos and Show Pics from concert dates and other insane things from the out of sane Mind and the wacky Weird World of EDM Producer DJ PRiZM.

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DJ PRIZM EDM Producer Packs Include some of the most relevent EDM Samples, Loops, Midi and Patches for some sick edm producer softsynths like "Massive and Sylenth. BOOM  DJ PRiZM...

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